Introducing Safe and Neurospicy

A smiling chili pepper on a green background
Forgive me: I am not a graphic designer.

After a year and a half of work, I am excited to introduce my new project: Safe and Neurospicy. This is a food safety website aimed for neurodivergent people – folks like me with cognitive disabilities like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, OCD, Tourette’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, and other “brain spiciness.” I aim to make this a comprehensive, friendly resource on all things safety in the kitchen.

Food safety is not taught well. Neurodivergent people suffer disproportionately from this problem – as do other disabled people. Many aspects of our disabilities make it harder to do things that keep food safe. Some neurodivergent people have trouble with “executive function.” Some, like me, have sensory integration issues. Some are not sure what to do. Some have all three issues. A frequent response is to use “common sense” – which is neither “common,” nor always “sense,” and not always understood by us! In addition, many neurotypical people do not understand this either – so there is always a market for more information and better resources on food safety. My aim with this site is to have a friendly resource that does not fall into these traps.

Please provide feedback and input! This site is very much a work in progress, and your insight helps – especially if you are neurodivergent. Over the next few months, I am hoping to add more pictures as well – if you have any, please feel free to contribute. And don’t worry – I will still keep posting here on Flavors of Diaspora. This site will continue to be my main site – the content on Safe and Neurospicy is designed to be a little more “static” (though it has kept me from blogging as frequently on this site over the past year and a half). In addition, if you reached this site through the multiple points I refer to it on Safe and Neurospicy – welcome!

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