Resist Trump, Feed the Poor

Trump’s presidency means grim news for the millions of people in the United States, thousands of Jews among them, who struggle with food insecurity. Buried in Trump’s horrendous platform are promises that almost certainly mean reductions to funding for essential food provision programs and job losses that will add to the rolls of food-insecure Americans. I interrupt this blog’s normal programming to urge you, if you are able, to donate to these charities that put food on the tables of the Jewish and Gentile hungry. Giving food to those who need it is a Jewish tradition and command that has lasted thousands of years, and we must more than ever live that out now. Olam chesed yibaneh – a world of grace will be built, despite Trump, and it is in our hands to make that happen.

“A small bit of bread may be life to the poor; one who deprives them of it sheds blood.” – Ben Sira 34:21
This list is based on areas of the United States where the largest shares of readers live: the metropolitan areas of New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, and Philadelphia. Please email me if there are other food banks and pantries that you want me to add to this list.
You can donate money, time, food, or combinations thereof.

Mazon – A Jewish Response to Hunger
New York
The Food Bank For New York City
City Harvest:
Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty:
Masbia (Kosher Soup Kitchen)
Jewish Community Council-Washington Heights and Inwood
Greater Chicago Food Depository
Chicago Chesed Fund
The ARK Chicago
Washington DC
Capital Area Food Bank
Miriam’s Kitchen
Greater Boston Food Bank
Maimonides School runs Gittel’s Kitchen, a kosher soup kitchen:
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
SOVA Community Food and Resource Program – Jewish Family Services
Hunger Initiative – Jewish Federation of Los Angeles
Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina:
Shepherd’s Kitchen
Coalition Against Hunger

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